Although it is a Notaire who deals with the conveyance of a property, an Avocat can assist a client to ensure this latter’s interests are represented during the property transaction.


The conveyancing process is different in France and involves two main procedural acts: the Compromis de Vente and the Acte de Vente, and parties can be bound at an early stage.


Clients can be advised on purchasing property in France, and their interests can be represented throughout the transaction.


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Clients can be assisted in all aspects of civil liability such as problems encountered after purchase of goods and services, or after a house sale or purchase, neighbour disputes, accidents involving corporal and property damage, as well as debt disputes and judgement enforcement.


In France there are two courts of first instance for civil matters: Tribunal d’Instance and Tribunal de Grande Instance.  A court is designated depending on the type of affaire to be judged and the amount of the demand.  Litigants have the right of appeal to the Cour d’Appel.


Clients can be represented in front of all these courts as well as during any expertise process where necessary.


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Legal issues in this field often arise in contracts with local tradesmen, as well as between vendor and purchaser following the sale of a house.  French and English law can differ quite significantly in this subject matter.  These divergences, as well as the strict obligations conveyed by the Code Civil in this area can often be a source of confusion for English clients.


In this area of law a court appointed expert is usually nominated to assess and calculate damages.


Clients can be assisted with all stages of the procedure through the civil courts and their interests can also be represented during the expertise report stage. If you would like to discuss your case please contact me.





Where there is a debt dispute between parties, people can find themselves subject to a debt order (Injonction de Payer) or judgement enforcement (Commandement de Payer) which threaten the freezing of bank accounts or seizing of property.  Clients can be assisted in contesting these Court Orders.


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